Additional USB Power Bank Battery (5000Amh)

Additional USB Power Bank Battery (5000Amh)

Additional Two(2)  BX-25 Battery

Additional Two(2) BX-25 Battery

Additional BX-25 Battery 1800 mAh


One (1) model BX25  1800mah 7.4Volt rechargeable lithium-ion battery.  if you need a pair, you need to buy two batteries.

BWC: Battery sold with 6 months manufacturer warranty.

The BX25 battery 1800mAh battery works with  the following products

Sku #  Product Name
BX16923 Avert Battery Heated Glove Liners
SS200 Battery Heated Scarf

Heated Sports Beanie Hat


Heated Trapper Hat

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  •  How do I take care of my battery?

 For continued performance, the battery must be fully charged before use, storage, and once every 3 months of storage thereafter.  (Unplugged the battery when not in use.)

  •  What will affect the battery performance?

The temperature of the operational environment, the heating level you select.

  •   How long to fully charge the battery?

From empty, the battery will take roughly 3-4 hours to fully charged. 

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Power System Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery
Rechargeable Battery BX-25, 7V, 1800mAh
Voltage 7V
Source 1800mAh