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Powered glove liners will keep your hands toasty

By Terry Gardner

Chicago Tribune

Heated Glove Liners by Venture Heat, glove liners designed to keep your hands toasty inside winter gloves or mittens, lightweight rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

Name: Heated Glove Liners by Venture Heat

What they are: Glove liners designed to keep your hands toasty inside winter gloves or mittens. A lightweight rechargeable lithium-ion battery inside a zippered compartment at the base of each glove powers razor-thin micro-carbon fiber heat panels running along the outside of each finger. Each glove has a power button on its cuff. Batteries can last six hours on low or two on high. The stretchable poly-spandex glove fabric offers maximum dexterity. An AC adapter is included. Unisex sizes are XS, S, M and L. 

The good: I was smitten with these gloves in Belgium during outdoor celebrations last January. If your fingers are sensitive to cold and grow chilly inside allegedly warm mittens or gloves, you will love these heated liners. I couldn't believe how much more effective they are than the HotHands packs you can stuff inside gloves. Those help, but I usually must stop skiing or sledding to wrap my fingers around them. After turning on the heated glove liners, warmth envelops my fingers, so I can enjoy winter fun continuously with warm hands. I usually keep them on medium to high heat, so the batteries last about three hours.

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