Is Heated Clothing Safe?

Is Heated Clothing Safe?

Venture Heat® uses the latest in Wearable Heating Technology and uses the extremely low voltage to bring you the safest battery operated heated clothing and electrically motorcycle heated gear.

In this short article we want to address the many questions we get asked through our website and through our Social Web FacebookTwitterYoutubePinterestInstagram


All Venture Heat® Heated Clothing and our specialty electrical heated apparel such as our Powersports heated gear come with 3 levels of optimal on-demand heat and comes with a PTC temperature sensor and an assortment of in-line fuses that protect against power surges. Once the level desired of heat has been achieved, the PTC Temperature sensor shuts down the circuitry automatically, thus preventing overheating.




All Venture Heat® Heated Clothing and Heated Gear use low voltage (12V, 7.4V and soon 5V or less) in both the smart controller and the heated clothing elements stitched in the fabric itself.  This eliminates any chance of electrical shock even if the heater wires become exposed or wet. Laboratories in the United States have listed this voltage as Non-Hazardous” 

To test this, we stripped part of the Venture Heat heating element carbon fiber strands and grabbed them. The Laboratory’s claim is accurate – we did not feel even a tingle. To further test them, we then placed the striped heater fibers in a tank of water, turned the heated jacket controller to Heat Level 1 and grabbed the bare carbon fiber in the water. Again we did not feel even a tingle! 


3) DC Current Vs. AC Current  

In direct current (DC), the electric charge (current) only flows in one direction. Electric charge in alternating current (AC), on the other hand, changes direction periodically. The voltage in AC circuits also periodically reverses because the current changes direction.  Direct Current (DC) is also a lot safer when it comes to wearing it on your clothing and it produces almost no electromagnetic field (EMF).   

One of the reasons that AC might be considered more dangerous is that it arguably has more ways of getting into your body. Since the voltage alternates, it can cause current to enter and exit your body even without a closed loop, since your body (and what ground it's attached to) has capacitance. DC cannot do that. 



The Venture Heat® Heated Clothing comes with automatic shut off technology.  Each Heat Level comes with an optimal heat setting that once achieved will automatically shut the circuit off and turn the heated elements off.  If your heated clothing shuts off automatically but you still desire on-demand heat, simply turn on the power of the heated gear again until you get the heat you want.   Our Heated Clothing heats up in less than 10 seconds. If you ever feel that the heated jacket is hot enough then can simply turn it off anytime. 



The Venture Heat® Heated Clothing User and Operational Manual is exceptionally well written, with easy to follow instructions, especially on matters of safety. The manufacturer’s (The Venture Heat®) concern for safety is readily obvious there, as you would expect of a reputable company that has been around since 2003 with excellent customer product reviews and repeat and referred customers constantly praising our innovative heated products. 



Electromagnetic Fields from AC electricity (Alternating Current) are of concern to some people. If you are one of those, the Venture Heat® Heated Clothing’s use of low voltage DC (Direct Current) should ease your mind there.


KEY TAKEAWAY: We agree that Venture Heat® Heated Clothing is the safest heated clothing available today and it can help you conquer the cold by Wearing The Heat anywhere you go outdoors.

Is Battery Operated Heated Clothing Safe?

One of the main topics of concern for many of our new customers is whether or not our battery heated clothing and powersports electrical heated apparel is safe to use. The short answer is: Yes, it is absolutely safe.

Below are some of the questions that new customers commonly ask:

Q: Can I get electrocuted or shocked by heated clothing?  

A: No. Our heated clothing does not use enough electricity to electrocute. We build a number of safety features into all of our gear so there is very little to no chance of shock.

Q: Can I get burned or can the heated clothing catch fire?

A: No. There are sensors built into every one of our garments that will disable it if the temperature rises above what is comfortable to the human body.

Q: What is the voltage running through the heating elements in the fibers of the clothing?

A: We use safe, low-voltage in all our garments, but the amount varies depending on the type of clothing. Our power sports gear uses 12V, while our winter gear uses 7V and 5V.

Q: Can the EMF (Electromagnetic Field) in heated clothing be of any health concern?

A: Our heated clothing does not produce harmful electromagnetic fields. (Our garments and devices produce less EMFs than a cell phone or tablet)

  • Only heated clothing that meets UL Standard for non-hazardous low voltage (DC Current)

  • No harmful electromagnetic radiation (EMF)

  • Easy to read controls feature Low, Medium, and High heat settings

  • Heats fast (in under 10 seconds)

  • Our Heat Therapy Wraps built-in timers for perfect doses of heat

  • Ultra soft and luxurious 100% Micro-Fleece Polyester (non-pilling) is comfortable throughout the year

  • Comfortable for all-season use throughout the year, even without the heat

  • Heating elements imperceptible to the touch; no bulky wires. Carbon Fiber and metallic alloy

  • Consistent & even heat distribution on key areas of the body

  • Machine washable and dry on many of our heated items

  • Maintains its size after multiple washes

  • Free wireless remote control on certain heated power sports gear

  • 1 Year Warranty

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