Care & Cleaning Instructions

Caring and Cleaning Your Full Body Motorcycle Heated Gear

Taking Care of Heated Clothing

Spring is finally in full swing and most of us couldn’t be happier that the sun is shining and temperatures are heating up. So we just wanted to give you a few friendly reminders of the best ways to take care of your heated gear while it waits for next winter.

WASH & CARE INSTRUCTIONS Remove battery and connecting cable (select models applied). We recommend spot cleaning with damp cloth or hand wash in cold water with mild detergent; hang dry only. Do not twist the garment to prevent damage to the cable. Do not dry clean or bleach.


1.) Plug charger into wall power outlet (before plugging the battery into the charger) 2.) Connect battery(s) into charger 3.) The charger light will turn from red to green once battery(s) is fully charged *Do not overcharge the battery(s)*

*Reminder: as winter has come to an end (almost for some people) please fully charge your batteries every 3 months. This prolongs the battery life.*

BATTERY CARE (select models)

To prolong the optimal performance of our lithium-ion battery, we recommend the following steps:

  • Only use battery charger provided by Venture Heat
  • Fully charge the battery prior to first use (battery indicator will turn green).
  • Charging will vary and you should unplug the battery from the charger after the battery is charged
  • The battery should be charged before storage and at least once every 3 months
  • Over time, lithium-ion batteries tend to lose their capacity due to their chemical nature. Erratic charging and heat speed up this degradation. Store in a cool and dry area. Typical battery lifespans may range from 2-5 years even with ideal storage conditions and care
  • Do not use batteries that are not designed for the specific model (this voids the warranty and may cause damage)