Back Pain Relief

FIR Heat for Back Pain Relief

Relax sore, tight and pulled back muscles so you can move more freely with Far infrared heat that penetrates deep to the source of pain and discomfort, and helps accelerate healing

Relieve pain and accelerate healing right at the source

Ever wonder why all the heat therapy products sold in stores barely work to relieve your pain discomfort?   Are you tired of buying and throwing out gel heat therapy products and microwaving and reheating the heat pads constantly but still you get no pain relief?  The reason most heat therapy pads and wraps sold in stores are not effective is that they rely on surface heat to deliver heat to the surface of your skin only.   

Most heat therapy products contain gel or even rice or other heat absorbing element.  Others contain chemicals that react when you shake it to produce the surface heat you feel once you mix them together.   Still, all of those heat therapy products rely on surface to surface heat transfer. And do you get tired of the inconsistent heat?  Is it too hot? Not hot enough?

Unlike creams, rubs and hot gel patches sold in stores, which only create sensations of heat/cold on the surface of your skin to mask the pain superficially, our FIR back pain relief wraps and pads actually penetrates up to 3 inches under the surface of your skin and into muscle and even bone tissue and goes to work at the source of your discomfort anywhere in your lower back and even the hip area.  

Stop wasting and throwing money away and stop depending on superficial, temporary fixes to your chronic back pain.   Trust in Venture Heat’s FIR Pain Relief Heat Therapy products that help you manage your chronic back pain and actually helps speed the healing and recovery process.

Take back your life and live pain free with FIR Heat

Enjoy your freedom and your life again. Live pain free! Don’t let chronic lower or upper back pain prevent you from enjoying the freedom of walking or sitting and doing your daily activities.  Take your freedom back with FIR heat therapy back wraps and pads. No need to second guess temperatures or the right amount of heat There is no guesswork. Venture Heat has made it easy to manage your chronic back pain with our portable pain relief FIR heat and our at home pain relief back pain wraps and pads.   You control the heat with 3 easy settings. Just turn on and enjoy soothing pain relief and helps your back heal faster from injury.

Venture Heat’s Far Infrared Pain Relief Line of Products use the latest in Far Infrared Technology that produces a deep, penetrating, soothing and therapeutic heat that starts as infrared light that quickly turns to heat once it hits the source and origin of your discomfort.  Our Far Infrared heat therapy pads do NOT need to get hot on the surface like other inferior surface heat products sold today. This deep penetrating, therapeutic heat penetrates up to 3 inches even into your bone matter delivering the right amount of heat to relieve your pain and accelerate healing right at the source.  No need to microwave and second guess by trial and error how much heat you need to treat your pain.

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It penetrates deep to the source of pain, to accelerate healing right where it hurts.  For hundreds of years, people have used heat therapy to aid and induce healing and faster recovery process.

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