Sports Performance Enhancement

Sports Performance Enhancement

Now you can prevent sports injury or recover faster from one

Looking for an edge to your professional game?  Are you a high school varsity athlete, college NCAA athlete or professional athlete?  Looking to play a full season by preventing sports injury or recover faster from one?  Venture Heat has pioneered the latest in deep penetrating, therapeutic Far Infrared Heat technology that targets the affected or injured muscle or joint of an athletes body and helps increase blood flow and thus induces faster healing.  

Our pain relief soothing heat can help any athlete prevent sports injury by keeping your muscles warm after pre-warm up exercises and after the warm up exercises to keep those muscles warm and loose and ready for the game.   Our sports performance enhancement FIR heat product is perfect for baseball, basketball, football, hockey and soccer athletes looking for an edge to their performance.

Play longer and for the full season by preventing injuries to your joints and muscles and by regularly applying the Venture Heat therapy pads and wraps.  Venture Heat FIR pain relief heat therapy products are easy to use and operate and take all the guesswork of treating your own aches and pains while also helping you heal from injury faster.   Read our other articles if you are interested in the science behind far infrared ray heat therapy technology by Venture Heat.

Stay injury free by working out, warming those muscles before your game and keep them warm with FIR heat until your game starts.   If you are injured or bruised you can heal faster with the power of FIR heat.

You cannot afford to not be in the game.   Invest in your performance and stay healthy the entire season with FIR deep penetrating, therapeutic heat.  Far Infrared Ray (FIR) Heat Therapy Products rely on naturally occurring Far Infrared Rays to deliver deep penetrating therapeutic heat to the affected muscle or joints in the human body and are designed to:

  • Accelerate healing time

  • Reduces stress

  • Increase blood flow to tissue and muscles

  • Provide extended pain relief

  • Increase ease of movement

  • Provide relief from muscle spasms

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