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Recover Faster From Surgery with the power of FIR Heat

Invisible infrared (FIR) therapeutic deep penetrating heat has been proven by NASA and other scientific studies to be a safe way to close and heal wounds no matter their cause, including surgery.  Discover the power of FIR Heat to help you recuperate and heal faster from surgery and other surgery related injuries.  It works great on sore muscles and helps relief pain by targeting the source of the discomfort.

Red light therapy itself has been around for over a century. In 1903 physician Dr. Niels Ryberg Finsen successfully treated smallpox and lupus with red light and won the Nobel Prize in Medicine for his efforts.  Your body absorbs natural far infrared rays from the sun as well as other not so safe rays such as UV light and other inivisibe form of light that the sun radiates.  Now you can benefit from the same FIR heat with Venture Heat Pain Relief FIR Heat products.

How is Far Infrared Heat Therapy Different from Red Light?

Far Infrared Heat therapy and conventional red light therapy are exactly the same, with the exception of two differences. First of all, far infrared is invisible while red light can be seen. You have probably seen a red light sauna or other handheld portable products where the light is visible to the human eye.  Secondly, and the most important difference, is that far Infrared therapeutic, deep penetrating heat therapy can penetrate deeper into your body than red light can.

What is Far Infrared?

Simply put, infrared is just one of the many kinds of invisible light that make up the electromagnetic (EM) wavelength spectrum. Infrared light is an invisible red light comprised of wavelengths that are longer than visible light. Infrared Rays (FIR) are not dangerous as ultraviolet (UV) rays are. In fact, FIR is a safe form of light energy that promotes healing. (1)

Infrared has been proven beneficial for recovering from surgery

A study  by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) has shown that using an infrared heat therapy device is effective for treating lower back pain with no adverse side effects, (2) Infrared heat is the most effective in post-surgical therapy if it begins 24 hours after surgery and is continued for three days.

In fact, invisible infrared heat therapy has been proven to effectively relieve pain, which includes pain caused by arthritis and chronic back pain, according to the NCBI. The NCBI additionally reports that far Infrared heat therapy can also be effective in increasing endorphin levels in healing wounds as it increases blood flow to the affected area after treatment with a far infrared heat therapy device such as the ones that Venture Heat manufactures. (3)   Far Infrared heat is also relaxing and can create a natural high by encouraging the release of increased levels of endorphins.

Why Far Infrared Heat Promotes Faster Healing

Far Infrared heat therapy gives your muscles and internal organs a deep therapeutic heating that causes your blood flow and heart rate to increase. That’s because infrared heat, in addition to helping to form new capillaries, penetrates up to two inches into your body tissue and is no match for surface heat products you currently find in the market.  

According to research studies done by the American Heart Association, Far Infrared heat can almost triple your blood flow. This extra blood flow opens your blood vessels and thus increases both healing since more oxygen and nutrients are now being delivered to your injury and provides soothing pain relief.  

Detoxify Your Treated Areas With More Oxygen Rich Blood

With far infrared heat therapy products from Venture Heat, metabolic waste products that would otherwise remain trapped in your body, such as scar tissue, are safely removed. This healing far infrared therapy can also eliminate heavy metals from your body and rid it of toxins. This is important to healing since blood circulation and cellular energy can be impaired by the accumulation of toxins.

To Optimize Post-Surgical Care, Depend On Far Infrared Heat therapy products from Venture Heat®

Venture Heat® provides two kinds of far infrared heat therapy products: battery powered rechargeable heating pads and heating wraps and also plug-in versions of the product so you can safely plugin at home or at the office or in the car. Our in home pads and wraps are low voltage plug-in units.  We will soon release a version that is both battery powered and plugin as well.

Our plug-in far infrared heat pads and wraps both come with three settings. And so that you can get the right amount of deep therapeutic heat and pain relief, both of these products have three settings.  Our at-home heat therapy products are equipped with a thirty-minute timer, a long cord and an in-line temperature controller, too so you can easily operate it without any guess work.

On the other hand, Venture Heats® portable infrared heat therapy units come with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Our portable infrared red light pads and wraps, which both come with an adjustable heat controller, also have an automatic time which shuts off after delivering healing infrared red light heat for half an hour.

Get the Latest in Wound Care and Post-Surgical Care and Heal Faster with Wearable Far Infrared Heat Therapy that you can do yourself

To help optimize postsurgical care, wear Venture Heat’s® leading-edge far infrared heat therapy products. Our products safely help you recover from surgery and enhances and speeds up healing while also providing you with effective pain relief whether you are inside or outside of your home.  These heat therapy products are perfect for professional athletes, college athletes and high school athletes looking to get an edge in injury recovery and injury rehabilitation and would like to heal faster and recover from sports injury quicker. Purchase your heat therapy products at Venture Heat


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