FIR Heat vs Traditional Surface Heat



Self heating Battery Powered

Microwave multiple times, guess work

Inexpensive one time investment

One time use, throw away

Control the Heat

Guess the heat

Easy to operate

Guesswork on heat

Soothing FIR Heat

Surface Burn

Portable or At home

Stuck at home close to microwave

Natural Soothing Pain Relief

Just surface heat that burns you

Induces faster healing

No heat ever reaches affected area

Enjoy Soothing FIR Heat

Burn feeling.

Venture Heat® uses Far Infrared Ray (FIR)  the deep penetrating therapeutic heat technology to help ease sore muscles and joints. What is difference between Far Infrared Ray (FIR) heating pads and wraps vs. traditional surface heat products?  

Far Infrared Ray (FIR) heat just  like direct sun-light warms through skin and even reached your joints and sore muscles to help relieve pain at the source of the affected area and also helps speed healing as it increases blood circulation. And traditional surface heat products whose radiant heat warms only the skin’s surface and is often lost to the surrounding air never reaches the affected area and never delivers adequate heat to cause any effect.

Using Far Infrared Ray technology to buid in the personal care heating pads and wraps, Venture Heat® is a pioneer in this industry.

Venture Heat’s heating pads and heating pain relief wraps are the most comfortable because, we  integrate hair thin Carbon Fiber wire technology that you will never feel while wearing it. Most surface heat products are bulky, heavy and uncomfortable to wear.

The reason why most surface heat therapy products never work is because you cannot control the level of heat and you have to balance the art of heat therapy and burning yourself.   Microwaving gel pads or rice pads can cause serious burns and never get the necessary heat to start and induce rapid healing and recovery from injury.

Now you have the control with three levels of deep penetrating therapeutic pain relieving heat.   You can set the venture heat heating wrap or heating pad to low, medium or high for 30 minutes of comforting pain relief and muscle stiffness relief.  Do not rely on cheap surface heat products that will never absorb enough heat and will never release enough heat to penetrate the muscle or even the joints that are giving you so much discomfort.

What is the difference between surface heat heating pads and FIR Heat Therapy Pads?

Standard heating pads and regular heating wraps only absorb regular surface heat and then release it inefficiently on the surface of the skin and into the atmosphere. The little amount of surface heat that is transferred from the regular heating pad or heating wrap is often not enough to promote healing or reduce swelling in muscles and is definitely not enough to relief pain of arthritis or other joint related illnesses. Many of these surface heat pads and heat wraps only work for a limited number of times and then need to be disposed of.

Surface Heat pads and Heat Wraps are expensive and very inefficient because it has to constantly be put it in hot water or microwave it to get it “HOT”and there is no way to regulate how hot the heat pad or heat wrap will get so there is a danger of getting it too hot or too cold.

The difference between surface heat and far infrared ray wavelengths

The FIR Heat from Venture Heat® Heat Therapy products is produced by utilizing the latest in Wearable Heating Technology and the latest innovation in health care products that utilize natural occurring Far Infrared Rays.  

Far Infrared Rays occur naturally and are produced by the Sun and by the human body. Heat is produced when the Far Infrared Rays penetrate the skin tissue, muscle tissue and even  bone tissue. It is when the Far Infrared Rays penetrate deep tissues that the light gets converted to therapeutic heat that is good to relieve joint or muscle pain from the ankles, knees, leg muscles, lower back, upper back, shoulders, elbows, neck area and wrist.

Most Heat Therapy Products that are currently sold in stores or that are used at the physical therapist may be relying on old ancient technology that uses surface heat.  Surface heat is just that, heat that stays on the surface of the skin and never reaches the affected areas of the body where the discomfort is. Surface Heat also dissipates quickly and is not very efficient at transferring the heat energy from the Heat Therapy wrap or surface heat therapy pad to the affected joints and muscles. Since surface heat will never make it inside the affected muscle or joints it will never be able to help with deep penetrating therapeutic heat like Far Infrared Rays would since light gets converted to heat only when it penetrated into the human body.

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