How FIR Heat Therapy Works

How Far Infrared Ray Heat Therapy Works?

Heat therapy is a well known remedy to help ease muscle and joint pain while also reducing soreness and inflammation.  FIR Heat technology from Venture Heat uses the latest in technology that generates deep penetrating soothing pain relief therapeutic heat that goes up to 3 cm under the skin to stimulate faster healing right where you need it.

The FIR heat pain relief manufactured by Venture Heat comes in wraps that are perfect to wrap around most joints of your body such as your neck, wrist, elbows, lower back, knee and ankles.  It also comes in pads of many sizes that are perfect to pad around large areas of the body and muscles.

FIR Heat work by allowing far infrared rays to penetrate damaged tissue, increases blood flow and with it more nutrients, more oxygen to the source of the pain and discomfort.  It works different than most heat therapy products sold today because those products rely on surface heat that you have no control over and can burn your skin without providing much comfort or relief for you.

The Venture Heat Pain Relief Heat Therapy pads and wraps work more effectively and efficiently than most patches, creams, belts, ointments which only mask the problem or pain temporarily instead of doing anything to help heal.

Take it on the go while you go about your busy activities and your busy day or while you sit and relax in your coach or your bed by simply plugging to your wall and enjoying the soothing therapeutic pain relief almost instantly while you relax or watch television.

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