Portable Pain Relief

Portable Pain Relief

Now you can wear the portable pain relief heat therapy wrap or pad on the go

Discover the latest in Pain Relief Technology in a wrap or pad you wear on the go

With Venture Heat advances in lithium-ion battery technology and the latest in FIR Heat therapy technology, now you don’t have to wait to sit at home or look for an outlet to apply soothing pain relief to your sore muscles and achy joints.  Now you can take the soothing, therapeutic pain relief that uses FIR heat anywhere you go. Whether you are short on time or are always on the go or in your car, you can take the portable pain relief from Venture Heat.

Venture Heat has made it easier and has take all the guesswork and has given you the power to manage your chronic pain and heal faster from injury while on the go.   We understand people are have busy schedules and even travel with pain. What better way to heal and get soothing, therapeutic pain relief using the latest technology that improves circulation and blood flow to the affected area naturally using natural infrared light that turns to heat that penetrates up to 3 cm and reaches the affected area of discomfort and pain.   

The FIR heat pain relief manufactured by Venture Heat comes in wraps that are perfect to wrap around most joints of your body such as your neck, wrist, elbows, lower back, knee and ankles.  It also comes in pads of many sizes that are perfect to pad around large areas of the body and muscles.

FIR Heat work by allowing far infrared rays to penetrate damaged tissue, increases blood flow and with it more nutrients, more oxygen to the source of the pain and discomfort.  It works different than most heat therapy products sold today because those products rely on surface heat that you have no control over and can burn your skin without providing much comfort or relief for you.

The portable pain relief products from Venture Heat allow you the freedom to keep doing what you normally do and keep your busy schedule while getting the full benefits of far infrared heat therapy on the go.   Our battery technology is advanced and comes with easy to follow instructions and it takes all the guesswork and hassle of overheating and microwaving using surface hit that restricts you and never works.

Stop getting burned with cheap surface heat therapy products that never work but only mask the problems and never helps heal.  Discover the many healing benefits of far infrared heat therapy technology in our blogs and other articles and learn how our portable pain relief can help you heal faster and help you manage your chronic painful joints and sore muscles.

Enjoy the Freedom of Portable Pain Relief

Enjoy your newfound freedom of portable pain relief anywhere you go.  With just the push of a button Venture Heat has taken all of the guesswork and made it extremely easy for you to use and operate while you do your normal activities in the house or outside.  Take the soothing, therapeutic FIR Heat with you and enjoy pain relief on the go.

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