What is FIR Heat

What is FIR Heat?

Far infrared generates rays of invisible light that turns to soothing, therapeutic pain relief heat once it reaches the source of pain and discomfort, and helps induce and accelerate healing

What are Far Infrared Rays

Ever wonder how heat is generated from the Venture Heat Pain Relief Heat Therapy Wraps and Pads?   Venture Heat uses the latest in pain relief technology to bring you the best pain relief products that you can use at home or on the go.  Venture Heat Pain Relief Products use Far Infrared Rays that quickly turn to soothing, therapeutic pain relief heat and penetrates the affected area up to 3 inches deep, delivering optimal pain relief directly to the source of your discomfort.

Far Infrared Rays occur naturally in sunlight and in the spectrum of light that also includes Gamma Rays, X Rays, ultraviolet light, microwaves and even broadcast radio waves are all part of the spectrum of light chart as you can see below.  To enjoy the therapeutic benefits of Far Infrared you would have to stand outside in direct sunlight for more than an hour and your body would also absorb all the other dangerous rays from the sun such as UV light etc that may be harmful to your skin.  

There is no need to stand in the sun and absorb dangerous UV rays nor is there a need to depend on pain medication as the power of far infrared is now at your fingertips.  With just the touch of a button, you can turn on and wear the same Far Infrared heat that occurs naturally in the sun and only absorb the therapeutic, deep penetrating and soothing far infrared heat.  Enjoy natural occurring soothing pain relief and recover faster from injury.

Therapeutic Use of Far Infrared Wavelength

Far Infrared exists naturally in sunlight with a wavelength and scientists have noted that the far-infrared wavelength bands (like radio waves) “transfers energy purely in the form of heat which can be perceived by the thermoreceptors in the human skin as radiant, deep penetrating pain relief heat.  The scientific report indicates that this radiant heat can penetrate up to 1.5 inches or almost 4cm beneath the skin. Scientists noted that FIR Heat has the potential to promote cell repair and induce faster healing and recovery from sports injury and related joint and muscle chronic pain.

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The Power of Sunlight to be Healthy

The human body needs sunlight just to be healthy.  You learned in science class that sunlight is a good source of Vitamin D for the human body but you have also heard of the dangers of spending too much time outside exposed in sunlight for long periods of time.   Billions are spent on sunblock annually by people that spend time outdoors at the beach or playing sports to protect their skin from the harmful ultraviolet light that can cause cancer.

Venture Heat has isolated the beneficial part of sunlight called far infrared that occurs naturally in sunlight and other objects on earth.  Venture Heat uses Far Infrared heat on all of our pain relief heat therapy pads and wraps to bring you the best pain relief and injury rehabilitation product in the market today.  Bring home the best, naturally occurring pain reliever that exists only in the sun and now in the Venture Heat Pain Relief Heat Therapy products.

Put the Power of Far Infrared to work for You

Venture Heat’s Far Infrared Pain Relief Line of Products use the latest in Far Infrared Technology that generates a deep, penetrating, soothing and therapeutic heat that starts as infrared light that quickly turns to heat once it hits the source and origin of your discomfort.  We don’t rely on gels, chemicals or even surface heat absorbants as you need a lot of heat to be able to transfer from surface to surface burning your skin in the process and barely penetrating under your skin.

Our Far Infrared heat therapy pads do NOT need to get as hot on the surface like other inferior surface heat products sold today to be effective.  Our Far Infrared heat therapy products will never burn you and will never need to get too hot to deliver the therapeutic pain relief. Stop burning your skin with those over the counter gel pads or rice wraps that don’t really work and can never be as effective because you need a lot of heat to get barely any to transfer to your skin or even penetrate under your skin.  Compare that to our pain relief heat therapy line that takes all the guesswork and makes it extremely easy to manage your chronic pain and also helps you heal faster by promoting more blood flow and cell repair to the affected area of your body.

Nothing can compare to this deep penetrating, therapeutic heat that penetrates up to 3 inches even into your bone matter delivering the right amount of heat to relieve your pain and accelerate healing at the source.  No need to microwave and second guess by trial and error how much heat you need to treat your pain.

Enjoy both our portable pain relief or the at home pain relief line of Far Infrared Heat Therapy wraps and pads on sale now only at https://www.ventureheat.ca/Deep Therapeutic Portable Heat Wraps and Pads by Venture Heat.jpg

It penetrates deep to the source of pain, to accelerate healing right where it hurts.  For hundreds of years, people have used heat therapy to aid and induce healing and faster recovery process.  Venture Heat® Far Infrared Heat Therapy Wraps and Pads penetrate deep to the source of pain, to accelerate healing right at the source of the discomfort.

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